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At Grooming & Beauty Professional we strive to create top of the line innovative products for today's PROs on-the-go

g&bpro mission

Our mission is simple—To create top of the line innovative products for today's busiest people.

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Every piece of your purchase is meticulously selected and produced with great attention to detail.



My role is more than just a title; I'm the creative mind behind innovative products tailored for beauty and grooming professionals who are always on the move. At G&BPRO, our identity is deeply intertwined with the experiences of professionals like me. These shared experiences serve as my guiding star, directing me in the development of exceptional products and equipment for our global community of on-the-go professionals. 


How did you get into the Barber/Beauty Biz?

My journey into the industry was first inspired by my brother, who owned a community barbershop. Watching him serve clients and earn respect in the community ignited my desire to become a business owner and entrepreneur. During my college
years, I became the campus barber, cutting student's hair in residence halls, which eventually evolved into my profession and craft. The autonomy of being self-employed greatly appealed to me.

After college, I embarked on my career by working in my brother's shop. However, I faced adversity when we were forced to close the barbershop. The pandemic propelled me into house calls, where I spotted an opportunity to develop a mobile workstation to equip professionals like me with the necessary tools.  Although I'm no longer a practicing barber, I've taken on the role of creating the tools they need to provide top-quality service. I remain connected to the community as we are all creators and independent business owners.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration flows from everyday life and the world around me. Operating as a mobile professional in vibrant New York City has sharpened my ability to think outside the box and experiment with unconventional solutions. My upbringing as a child of immigrants instilled resourcefulness in me, teaching me to make the most of limited supplies and adapt on the spot. This environment has nurtured my creativity and serves
as an endless source of inspiration.

My enthusiasm comes from the opportunity to consistently innovate, collaborate with professionals to identify challenges, and craft inventive solutions. As a natural problem solver, I actively seek out challenges as personal adventures, and this passion continually propels me forward.


What excites you and keeps you going in the industry?

What fuels my passion in the industry is witnessing its growth and knowing that I play a pivotal role in its evolution. My enthusiasm comes from pioneering an entirely new category. Mobile grooming and beauty professionals have always existed, but the pandemic accelerated the growth of professionals offering direct services to clients at any location. I firmly believe there's no turning back; this is the future. Clients now
expect direct, on-demand service, and I've found my place in this emerging industry by providing the essential tools needed for professionals to thrive in this evolving landscape. My niche became the mobile grooming and beauty professional scene, and I officially launched G & B Pro in March 2020 and made my first sale on my birthday, marking the start of a new chapter.

My motivation is deeply rooted in leading an untouched market, offering top-of-the-line innovative products for industry leaders looking to elevate their craft and newcomers eager to make their mark. My commitment is unwavering, as I provide the tools that fuel their success and facilitate their journey in the grooming and beauty industry.


At our core, we too are mobile professionals which led to the creation of the mobile work station