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Care Guide

Tips and tricks to extend your mobile gear life time

  • Zipper care

    Extend zipper life

  • Interior and exterior use

    Learn how they work

  • PROTEC care kit

    Wash and clean your bag

  • Limits and capacity

    How to pack your bag

Taking Care Of The Mobile Station

Read The Following Before Maintenance

Below you can find some helpful tips to get the longest life out of your mobile gear. We want you to have the freedom to treat your gear with tough love, and able to bring along your adventure anywhere.

Zipper Care And Maintenance

Learn zipper health and how to maintain for longer life

Zipper Care

Watch this video for a quick break down on how to properly use our zippers

Interior and Exterior Use

Exterior And Interior

Learn how our interior extending tray system works and the exterior pockets

PROTEC Your Mobile Gear


Leave your bag looking brand new with the PROTEC Care Kit

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