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We continue to contribute to a more sustainable world through innovative, light, high-quality products, and manufactured responsibly.

thinking sustainability

climate and environment

Always having climate and the environment in mind is extremely important to us. This has been our focus in both daily and long term longevity, following the ideas of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

For the outdoors. Always.

impact on climate and the environment

While in production, we look to steadily reduce our impact on climate and the environment around us. It is apart of us, and we strive for our consumers, customers, and employees

“Acting ethically and with climate and the environment in mind is a given for us. We’ve made this part of both our daily work and our long-term plans. In fact, it runs throughout our business.”

Our efforts on ongoing sustainability


We’ll continue to offer products that inspire a healthy and active lifestyle, are safe and easy to use, and have minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycles

Efficient and reliable manufacturing

We ensure climate-smart and efficient manufacturing. Always in a safe and secure working environment

Responsible sourcing and logistics

When choosing suppliers, we take into account the environment, human rights, and good working conditions. Making our logistics more efficient, we lower transportation distances, optimize packaging, and make the best use of capacity.

Responsible business practices

We have strict ethical standards in our business relationships, open and inclusive workplaces, and we get involved with the community around us